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Every Day with Mary
Edited by Dr. Mary Amore

Begin each day with a quote from scripture, poetry or a prayer, followed by a reflection pertaining to the quote. You will then be guided into deeper prayer with a reflection question and a short prayer to our Blessed Mother.

978-1-68192-145-7   416 pages  £14.99

God’s Guide for Grandparents
Susan M. Erschen

How can grandparents truly make a difference in their grandchildren’s lives?  This book tackles that question by exploring sacred scripture, the lives of the saints, the teachings of the Church, the writings of Pope Francis, and anecdotes from modern grandparents.

978-1-68192-100-6   144 pages  £12.50

God Listens
Personal Stories of Answered Prayers

Lorene Hanley Duquin

Explores the true-life stories of people who turned to God in prayer.From those seeking physical healing and strength to get through a difficult situation to those praying for discernment and spiritual healing.

978-1-68192-093-1 160 pages £10.99

The Miracle and the Message
100 Years of Fatima
John C. Preiss

A  simple and straightforward presentation of what the Catholic Church believes happened at Fatima that offers practical application for its enduring message. It clarifies some details that have never been discussed before in similar publications. This book will guide you to use what Our Lady taught the children in your everyday spiritual life.

978-1-68192-167-9  160 pages  £12.99

Scripture Footnotes
The World of Jesus
George Martin

The author points out, the four Gospels presume some familiarity with Jesus’ world and often features of it without explaining them. Martin fills in the missing pieces by exploring people, places, and events of Jesus’ life. In addition to the questions and answers, you will find an index of key words, map of Palestine at the time of Jesus, and a map of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

978-1-68192-116-7  140 pages  £12.50

Stunned by Scripture
How the Bible Made Me Catholic
Dr. John Bergsma

The engaging eighteen-month spiritual journey of a Protestant pastor that finally led to his confirmation and reception in the Catholic Church. During this time he found that Catholic teachings had Scriptural support that he had completely overlooked. Here he weaves his personal story into an examination of specific Scriptures.

978-1-61278-393-2   144 pages  £12.50

The Tech Talk
Strategies for Families in a Digital World
Michael Horne

This helps parents deal with the increasing challenge of the digital age and its influence of their children. It examines technology and development, social media, video games, pornography, parenting challenges, and how we can “unplug” for family time.

978-1-68192-036-8  144 pages  £12.50

Think Right, Live Well
Daily Relections

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Be inspired by Archbishop Sheen’s words, and a one-sentence prayer to make your own. In just a couple of minutes a day you’ll begin to see how his central teaching - that shaping our minds with the truth can mean a life lived well, pleasing God - can make a difference in your own life.

978-1-61278-872-2  384 pages  £16.50

The Three Things Divorced Catholics
Need to Know

Mary Lou Rosien

Using the Catechism of the Catholic Church, papal documents, Scripture, and personal stories, the author provides you with facts that can shape your decisions and actions, along with encouragement and compassion that can only come from someone who has been through it herself.

978-1-68192-134-1  48 pages  £5.99

Tied in Knots
Finding Peace in Today’s World
Greg Willits

Identifies the needless distractions and knots that may prevent you from being the disciple you are called to be. Recommends ideas to help you figure out what you should do, what God meant you to do, and what your identity is in God. This book presents tangible ways to clear more time, identify core things that feed you, and create a game plan to remain untied.

978 1 68192 105 1 - 128 pages - £12.50

Tuned In
Art and Laraine Bennett

ffers advice, techniques, and practical suggestions about how to become a better listener. Using real life situations with scriptural reflections woven in,this book will help improve your relationships by enhancing your listening skills and associated virtues. The ideas and suggestions are easy to put into practice. Pope Francis reminds us, “Listening is more than hearing. It’s a mutual listening in which each one has something to learn.”

978-1-68192-060-3  144 pages  £12.50

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