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 Spring/Summer 2015

Communion with Christ
According to St.Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Sister M. Regina van den Berg, F.S.G.M.

St.Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein), in her life and her writings, is a sure guide to attaining the communion for which every human heart longs. Here are profound meditations drawn from the writings of Popes John Paul II, Pius XII and Benedict XVI which help develop a deeper union with the Truth who is a Person, Jesus Christ.

978-1-58617-951-9   165 pages  £10.99

Finding True Happiness
Satisfying Our Restless Hearts

Both a philosophical itinerary and a practical guidebook for life’s most important journey - from the mundane and meaningless to transcendent fulfilment. No other book currently available combines such breadth of practical advice and such depth of philosophical, psychological, and spiritual wisdom.

978-1-58617-956-4  360 pages  £12.99

From the Kippah to the Cross
A Jew’s Conversion to Catholicism

The compelling and beautifully written conversion story of a Jewish Rabbi to the Catholic Church which shows the deep connections between Judaism and Catholicism.

978-1-62164-018-9  158 pages  £12.99

Who Is a Christian?
Hans Urs von Balthasar
Balthasar d
raws on Scripture, Tradition and the witness of the Saints as the sources for guidance on our path to union with Christ. He presents beautiful insights on what Christians can do to attain authentic personal spiritual renewal and holiness.

978-158617-531-3  140 pages  £9.99

Life of Saint Benedict
John Mckenzie

Children and parents alike will be delighted by these stories and illustrations about the famous Saint Benedict. Based on his biography by Pope Saint Gregory the Great, and told by a Benedictine monk living today in Italy at the birthplace of Benedict, these stories and pictures are rich with interesting details

978-1-58617-985-4    48 full colour pages  £12.99  Hardback

Radical Discipleship
Consecrated Life and the Call to Holiness
Cardinal Francis Arinze

A reflection which represents a beautiful way for faithful Catholics to participate in “The Year of the Consecrated Life” by coming to a deeper understanding of the consecrated life. Will, also, enlighten anyone who wishes to better understand why so many millions of men and women throughout history have made radical vows in response to God’s grace.

978-1-62164-010-3   115 pages  £8.99

Redeemed by Grace
A Catholic Woman’s Journey to Planned parenthood and back
Ramona Trevino and Roxane Salonen

The story of a woman who worked for an organisation which helped refer women for abortions. It tells how she saw the the truth and had the courage to leave her employment, despite harassment and financial loss to become a pro-life advocate and speaker.

978-1-58617-914-4  157 pages  £12.99 Hardback

A Time of Renewal
Daily Reflections for the Lenten Season
Mother Mary Francis

Here are rich spiritual meditations by a contemplative nun and expert on the spiritual life. They draw on the Liturgy, Holy Scripture and Eucharistic prayer, presenting timeless and profound spiritual insights. Which address may aspects of the spiritual life for each day of Lent to help one grow in conversion and holiness.

978-1-58617-977-9   284 pages  £12.99

Tweeting with God
Michel Remery

Answers questions about the Catholic Church in the form of Tweets of 140 characters or less and provides expanded explanations based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible. Ideal for young people who are curious about the Catholic faith. Lavishly illustrated with colour images on every page.

978-1-62164-015-8    436 pages  £14.99

Vatican Council Notebooks (Vol.1)
Henri Cardinal de Lubac

De Lubac does not hesitate to express clearly what he thinks of the theologians around him, of the new concepts appearing because of the Council, or the problems he judges to be most serious for the Christian faith. These Notebooks invite us to a greater historical and theological understanding of the Council.

978-1-58617-305-0  560 pages  £24.00

When is Marriage Null?
Paolo Bianchi

This work is an indispensable aid for pastors of souls, for Catholic counselors, and can be very useful also for anyone who has serious questions about the validity of their own marriage. Written by a Canon Lawyer very experienced in the areas of matrimony law and pastoral counseling.

978-1-58617-799-7   350 pages  £17.99

Who Designed the Designer?
A Rediscovered Path to God’s Existence
Michael Augros

Writing with the conviction that timeless truths are not the property of the geniuses who happened first to give them voice, Augros harnesses such intellects as Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas, ushering into the light a wealth of powerful inferences that have hitherto received little or no public exposure. The result is an easygoing yet extraordinary journey, beginning from the world as we all encounter it and ending in the divine mind.

978-1-58617-969-4  245 pages  £14.99

The Wife of Pilate and Other Stories
Gertud von Le Fort

These three novellas,
The Wife of Pilate, Plus Ultra, and At the Gate of Heaven by the acclaimed German writer are translated for the first time into English. Le Fort vividly recreates scenes from distant places in bygone eras. Even more memorable are her lyrical portrayals of conflicts in the souls and minds of powerful people. These are the thought-provoking stories by a keen observer of humanity.

978-1-58617-639-6  175 pages  £12.50

The Proper of the Mass
for Sundays and Solemnites
Fr. Samuel F. Weber O.S.B.

The Propers of the Mass book contains English chant settings for the Entrance and Communion Antiphons given in The Roman Missal, 2010, as well as suggestions for the Offertory Antiphons, following the pattern of the Graduale Romanum,1974.

For most antiphons, four levels of settings from complex to very simple are provided, : i. through-composed melismatic; ii. through-composed simple; iii. Gregorian psalm tone; iv. English psalm tone. Optional psalm verses are provided in the Gregorian psalm tone style. Thus this collection provides an option intended to suit the abilities and needs of any choir or cantor.

Ordination and nuptial Masses are also included, as well as the Asperges me and Vidi aquam. The Gloria Patri is given in the eight Gregorian tones, solemn and simple.

978-1-62164-011-0    1292 pages  £25 Hardback

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