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101 Surprising Facts About Church History
Rev Fr David Meconi, SJ
Think you really know Church History? Think Again…
The Catholic Church is the longest-standing and the most universal of all institutions. The contributions made by Catholic men and women over the past 2000 years are most impressive, from a properly functioning calendar to the inventions of many things taken for granted today.
This book walks readers through the most amazing achievements of Christ's Body on earth. From economic and mercantile developments to scientific and astronomical advances, from the cataloging of zoological and botanical species to the cherishing of beautiful music and fine arts, Fr. Meconi shows you why the Catholic Church stands as the greatest promoter of human culture and knowledge

978 1 61890 733 2  120 pages Illustrated  £13.99

Angels, Barbarians and Nincompoops
Anthony Esolen

It's hard not to love this book, which employs a diverse cast of characters ranging from

C.S. Lewis and Emily Dickinson to Lily Munster and the Great Pumpkin to reveal the historical, hilarious, and even holy origins of the words we use, even though many of us have forgotten what they mean. Join Professor Esolen on this fun yet educational romp through 98 of your soon to be favorite words.

978 1 50510 874 3  280 pages  £19.99 Hardback

A Dictionary of Quotes from the Saints
Paul Thigpen
Overflowing with priceless spiritual insights, this rich collection presents key quotes from the saints on topics that are fundamental to Christian faith and experience. Profound and challenging, whimsical and inspiring, these readings will open your eyes, expand your horizons, and challenge your thinking.

978 1 50510 591 9  330 pages  £23.50 Hardback

The Apparition That Changed the World
Jean M. Heimann

This beautifully illustrated volume will be treasured by long-time devotees of our Blessed Mother under the title of Our Lady of Fatima, as well as those, both Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who seek to learn more about the dramatic events related to the apparition that have unfolded over the course of the last century. Jean M. Heimann traces the history of the apparitions at Cova da Iria and, assisted by over fifty full-colour illustrations, guides the reader through the hundred years since the Mother of God appeared to three little children in a small town in Portugal.

978 1 50510 953 5  152 pages  Illustrated £19.99 Hardback

The Littlest Suffering Souls
Austin Ruse with Foreword by Raymond Cardinal Burke
The children in this book, all of whom suffered terribly during their short lives, bore witness to

God’s love and an understanding of the meaning of suffering and what to do with it that belied their years. And their teaching was not limited to their immediate family: Everyone with whom they came into contact, from doctors and nurses, to major political figures and popes to family friends and other children, was profoundly affected by the encounter.

978 1 505010 839 2  152 pages £19.99 Hardback

The Lion of Műnster
The Bishop Who Roared Against the Nazis
Fr Daniel Ultrecht
"The dear God placed me in a position in which I had a duty to call black 'black' and white 'white'." These words were spoken by Cardinal Clemens August von Galen, the bishop of the diocese of Munster in Germany from 1933 to 1946. In so doing, he risked death at the hands of the Nazis, one Gestapo leader even urging that he be publicly hanged. Joseph Goebbels and others in the Nazi leadership, knowing the bishop's popularity, advised waiting, subscribing to the adage that "revenge is a dish best served cold."

9781618907646  404 pages £24.99 Hardback  Reprinting

Manual for Marian Devotion
The Dominican Sisters of Mary
he Manual for Marian Devotion is designed to be small enough to travel with you everywhere: use it to nourish your love of Mary with the Scriptures and stories of the saints, and turn to its prayers throughout the day.

978 1 50510 895 8  400 pages £24.99 Ultrasoft

The Marian Option
Carrie Gress, PHD
This enthralling chronicle of Mary s intercession makes clear that Christ’s mother is indeed the most powerful woman in the world, and the answer for how we can save the world and bring us back into her Son’s heart. Not only is she keenly interested in assisting Christians, she has the ability to do so, even in the face of the gravest odds. We just have to ask.

978 1 50510 910 8  200 pages £23.50 Hardback

My Daily Bread
Father Anthony J. Paone S.J.
A series of short, daily reflections on the spiritual life. Written with loving care by Father Anthony Paone, this devotional will strengthen your love for Christ and his teachings.
Each daily reflection begins with Jesus speaking directly to you, kindly, patiently, and with great love. The next part of the reflection asks you to consider the truths presented in the words of Jesus. The final part consists of a prayer asking for God for the help to receive His wisdom and use it fruitfully in your life.

978 1 61890 772 1  324 pages  £24.99 Ultrasoft

The Passion
Paul Thigpen
In this devotional treasure, you ll find forty daily reflections on the passion and death of Our Lord. Each day’s reflection suitable for Lent or for any time of the year includes a scriptural text, a meditation, a brief prayer, and an excerpt from the visions of two celebrated Catholic mystics: Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774 1824) and Venerable Maria de Agreda (1602 1665).

978 1 50510 594 0  330 pages  £23.50 Hardback

Pope Fiction
Patrick Madrid
The Papacy is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the Catholic Church, something that can be the last stumbling block on the journey of a convert. Here, best-selling author Patrick Madrid highlights 30 different misconceptions about the Papacy and provides insightful, honest, and detailed feedback for how to explain the truth behind these myths

978 0 96426 100 6    338 pages  £10.99

Queen of Heaven
Brian Kennelly and Rick Rotondi
Queen of Heaven is an encounter with Mary as you have never had before. Accompany Mary from her Immaculate Conception through her Assumption and beyond. Join her as she defends Christendom at Lepanto, frees a captive people at Guadalupe and heals a broken nation at Lourdes. Listen to her at Fatima as she predicts the rise of Communism—and watch as she defeats it through her beloved Pope.

978 1 50510 978 8  275 pages  £19.99 Hardback

Filmed in multiple locations and Marian shrines, Queen of Heaven explains Mary’s role in God’s plan, from before the beginning of time until today.

978 1 50510 979 5  4 DVD Box-Set £35.00 incl. VAT

Seeking More

Seeking More is a guide designed to help you discover the Church’s perennial teachings on the nature and purpose of law, the balance required in Church and State relations, and the duty of all Christians to work for the common good. However, like any good lawyer, author C.T. Rossi goes further than merely providing those teachings in the abstract and applies the rules to the facts through an in-depth study of the life of St. Thomas More.

978 1 50510 559 9  304 pages £23.50

Surprised By Truth
Patrick Madrid
These eleven personal conversion accounts are unlike any you’ve ever read, they’re packed with biblical theological and historical proofs for Catholicism. Each year thousands of atheists, Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, and Pentecostals are being surprised by Catholic truth – and these converts tell you why.

978 1 96426  108 2   272 pages   £11.50