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Art and Sacrificial Love
A Conversation with Michael O’Brien
Clemens Cavallin

A profound wide-ranging discussion by two Catholic artists and gifted writers that explores the wellsprings of Christian art, and the sacrificial love it requires.

978-1-62164-484-2 115 illustrated pages £12.50  

The City of God
Saint Augustine
Selections and Introduction by Hans Urs von Balthasar

This volume offers a simple road through Augustine’s gargantuan masterpiece. It contains selections from The City of God, culled for their beauty and spiritual power, bolstered with notes, and arranged by theme, from creation to Rome to happiness to the end of time. In Augustine, the heart is as crucial as the mind.

978-1-62164-436-1  386 pages  £16.50

Couples, Awaken Your Love!
Robert Cardinal Sarah

Presents the essentials from a special retreat Cardinal Robert Sarah preached to married couples in Lourdes. The heart of its message is the certainty that there is a path to renewal for everyone and that no situation is hopeless. This book is for all couples, including those who are struggling,

who want to rediscover that their love is a sacred story.

978-1-62164-368-5  140 pages  £12.99

The Church
Paradox and Mystery

Henri de Lubac

In these reflections written at the end of Vatican II, de Lubac—who played a key role at the Council yet was leery of rapid reform—searches out the

wrinkled, mysterious beauty of the Church he loves as his mother.
De Lubac reflects deeply on the nature of authentic holiness in the modern world and argues that sainthood is not only possible but already—through the work of the Holy Spirit—quite alive amidst all the storms.
or in


                    978-1-62164-445-3  206 pages  £15.50

Four More Witnesses
Further Testimony from Christians Before Constantine
Rod Bennett

The earlier work by Rod Bennett, Four Witnesses: The Early Church in Her Own Words, has become a modern classic of apologetics and impacted the faith of thousands of readers. Now, fans of that pageturning spiritual adventure will have a new chance to go further up and in with four more of the earliest Christian writers whose works have survived to our own times.

978-1-62164-374-6   180 pages  £13.99

The Greatest Philosopher Who Ever Lived
Peter Kreeft

If Jesus Christ is wisdom incarnate, and if Mary of Nazareth loved Him more than anyone ever did, then it holds that Mary is the greatest philosopher, the greatest wisdomlover. Kreeft not only unpacks the thought and spirit of Mary as we know her through Scripture and Church doctrine, but offers a heartfelt crash course in the basics of philosophy—methodology, epistemology, logic, metaphysics, cosmology, ethics, politics, aesthetics, and more—all through the lens of the Mother of God.

978-1-62164-479-8  302 pages  £15.50

In The Eye of the Storm
A Biography of Gregory the Great
Sigrid Grabner

Grabner’s vivid narrative of the life of Gregory the Great reads more like a novel, evoking the landscape of early medieval Italy with humanity and realism. It brings us face to face with a man who, for all his weakness, became an instrument in the hand of God and let himself be made great.

978-1-62164-364-7  306 pages  £14.99

JesuJesuit at Large

Essays and Reviews by Paul V. Mankowski, S.J.

Edited with an Introduction by George Weigel

Fr Paul Mankowski, S.J. (1953-2020), was one of the most brilliant Catholic thinkers and scintillating writers of our time. His essays and reviews, collected here for the first time, display a singular breadth of

learning, a penetrating insight into the challenges of Catholic life in the post-modern world, and a unique wit.

978-1-62164-514-6  235 pages  £14.99

Padre Pio
Stories and Memories of My Mentor and Friend
Father Gabriele Amorth

A unique portrait of a great modern saint by the well-known exorcist, close friend and spiritual son of Padre Pio. Read many unknown, intriguing stories about the beloved Padre fromAmorth’s own memories and encounters.  We learn how a young Padre Pio cured himself of a childhood disease by wolfing down all his mother’s fried bell peppers. We sense what it was like to go to confession with the friar, famous not only for reading consciences, but for his blunt, slap-like remarks to hardened penitents: “When are you going to quit being such a pig?” We hear first-hand accounts of his miracles, of his stigmata, of his long, moving Masses.

978-1-62164-440-8   160 pages  £13.99

Priests in Love with God
And Eager to Witness to the Gospel
Archbishop Emeritus Alfred Hughes

This book traces the development of priestly discipleship and spirituality in the face of historical challenges, and draws on this history to spell out a vision for renewal, attuned to the contemporary era. It is intended to serve a double purpose. It can serve as a text for seminarians, used together with a reader drawn from the cited classics, or as a rich source of spiritual reading for priests and bishops.

978-1-62164-478-1  175 pages  £13.99

Maria von Trapp and Her Musical Family
Cheri Blomquist

In this latest Vision book the fascinating true story of the famous von Trapp family is told for young people. A harrowing and unforgettable story of their many adventures and ultimate glorious success.

978-1-62164-368-5  291 pages  £10.99

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
Living on Love
Fr. Didier-Marie Golay

With over 150 stunning photographs and plentiful sidebars on history, geography, and themes, this gorgeous book helps us enter into the universe of “the greatest saint of modern times” to discover the simplicity of her daily life and of her relationships, both human and spiritual. This is a unique, very beautiful and powerful work that will inspire readers to desire to imitate St. Thérèse in “living on love”.

978-1-62164-541-2   320 illustrated pages  £28.50 Hardback

The Truth About Clergy Sexual Abuse
Clarifying the Facts and the Causes
Bill Donohue

This work challenges many myths about clergy sexual abuse, demonstrating that the sexual abuse of minors is a problem that haunts virtually every institution, religious and secular, where adults interact

with young people. It also provides compelling evidence of the tremendous progress that the Church has made in preventing abuse.,

978-1-62164-485-9  250 pages  £15.50

Wisdom and Wonder
How Peter Kreeft Shaped the Next Generation of Catholics
Edited by Brandon Vogt

This collection of eighteen essays, mainly by millennial Catholic leaders and converts to the Catholic faith, celebrates Kreeft’s significant legacy and

impact, his most important books, and the many ways he has imparted to others those two seminal gifts: wisdom and wonder.

978-1-62164-423-1 208 pages £14.99

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