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Ancient Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
by Carthusian Monks of the 14-17th Centuries

The Psalmist wrote: “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10).

“Coming from the deep silence and asceticism of mediæval Carthusian monasteries, this book’s prayers and meditations have a unique ardour that reflects the genuine spirituality of their authors. The piety of these monks, strongly grounded in Sacred Scripture and the early Fathers of the Church, cannot fail to impress and to inspire. Like that of Jesus, Carthusian prayer, but also any authentic prayer, is anchored in interiority, solitude and silence. Jesus goes off to a deserted place, under the sole gaze of the Father. And in this solitude and this silence, He formed His disciples”.  Robert Cardinal Sarah

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The Call of Silent Love

A Carthusian

This is a profound and eloquent examination of the twin themes of vocation and discernment in which the father-master speaks about the nature of a calling, the internal and external struggles, the discernment of spirits and the overall framework in which we live our lives.

The reader is faced with a rare and compelling account of Carthusian spirituality that is simple, sustaining and inviting – to every Christian.

The Tablet

978 0 85244 671 3   204 pages   £12.99

Early Carthusian Writings

St. Bruno

A collection of key texts from early Carthusian writing in the 11th and 12th centuries.  Letters from St Bruno, Bl Guigo, fifth prior of Grande Chartreuse and Guigo II, ninth prior of the Grande Chartreuse.

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Echoing the Silence

John Skinner

Inspired by the Carthusian tradition of silent prayer and encouraged by the response to his earlier work, Sounding the Silence, John Skinner has compiled a second book of reflections. These weekly readings threaded together provide a year-long exploration of silence.

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First Initiation into the Carthusian Life

A Carthusian

These guidelines to assist the beginner during his first months in the Charterhouse, describe certain attitudes of both the spiritual and practical sphere.

Following the young monk, listening in complete openness to God who speaks in the depth of his heart, the reader outside the monastery can gain an insight into this powerful spirituality and the silence of a heart in love.

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The Freedom of Obedience

Carthusian Novice Conferences

A Carthusian

For many of us today, obedience is an unusual, even alien, notion. What can we learn from the members of the Carthusian order, for whom the vow of obedience, alongside poverty and chastity, is the most fundamental importance?  Carthusian spirituality teaches that obedience is not a contradiction of liberty.  Rather, it is the way of love and of true freedom.  

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From Advent to Pentecost

Carthusian Novice Conferences

A Carthusian

The author writes with warmth, with learning, with passion and with humour.  The reader can enter into something of the accumulated wisdom of an Order whose members have carried out the same little series of exercises since the 11th century.

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Hear Our Silence

John Skinner

For a brief period one summer John Skinner lived with the English Carthusians at Parkminster. He worked and prayed with this unique community of hermit monks whose unchanged tradition of prayer goes back 900 years. Here he leads us to seek the cloister of our inner world.

978 0 85244 612 6   154 pages   £9.99

Interior Prayer

A Carthusian

This volume gives us access to the Carthusians' profound wisdom, as we share the initiation of a group of young monks into the practice of prayer.Far from being abstract and theoretical, we learn about the prayer process by sharing in the novices’ concrete siritual journey

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"O Bonitas!"

A Selection of Poems by a Carthusian Monk

From within a community a poet was discovered whose work is considered to be some of the finest poetry in the English language written in the twentieth century.

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Poor, Therefore Rich

Carthusian Novice Conferences

A Carthusian

These precious volumes offer an illuminating even dazzling insight into Carthusian ways that are little known, indeed traditionally hidden.  Here are men who for all their silence need to be heard.  The Tablet

978 0 232 52316 4   218 pages   £9.95

The Prayer of Love and Silence

A Carthusian

This volume issues a powerful invitation to respond to the love of Christ, centred on the need for prayer it teaches that prayer is not merely a devotional exercise to be carried out at the beginning and end of the day, or simply as the mood takes us. Reissued by popular demand this book presents ideal material for daily reading and reflection. It will provide true sustenance for a life of prayer.

978 0 85244 673 7   160 pages   £7.99

Sounding the Silence

John Skinner

Inspired by the Carthusian tradition of silent prayer, John Skinner has been working for several years on developing ways to offer this intense experience to any or all of the extraordinarily large number of people who today are seeking to engage with their own inner reality and with a deeper experience of God. Here is an invitation to us all to step outside time, and join ourselves to the Silence that lies at the heart of the world, with weekly readings threaded together to provide a year-long exploration of silence.

978 0 85244 589 1   134 pages   £7.99

The Spirit of Place

Carthusian Reflections

The mixture of Carthusian spirituality interwoven with images of the Charterhouse truly evokes the spirit of the place, drawing the reader into a world which is both transcendent and familiar. A unique collection of photographs is combined with sermons delivered to the community.

978 0 232 52295 2   124 pages  Colour Photographs   £9.95

They Speak by Silences

A Carthusian

These readings were born in the silence and solitude of a Charterhouse, and their anonymity is part of that silence. First published in French in 1948 it has allowed Carthusian wisdom and spirituality to reach the widest possible audience. This new and widely requested edition carries on the tradition. It will provide perfect material for daily reading and reflection for newcomers to Carthusian spirituality and equally for those who have already discovered the riches it has to offer.

978 0 85244 672 0   152 pages   £7.99

The Way of Silent Love

A Carthusian

It is a rare occurrence for the Order's wisdom to be shared with the outside world, but this book does exactly that.  The theme of this first volume of conferences is the Beatitudes, and the  apparent contradictions they contain are shown to offer a radical freedom to those who respond to the call to live wholly in Christ. An important message of the book is that this call is not restricted to those who have a vocation to the monastic life, but to all Christians.

978 0 85244 034 6   144 pages   £7.99

The  Wound of Love

A Carthusian Miscellany

What is Carthusian life really like? What actually goes on in the Charterhouse? Is the Order's ancient mixture of carefully regulated solitary and community life a hopeless harking back to the Middle Ages, or is it relevant to modern lifestyles and problems? If any book can answer these questions, it is The Wound of Love, which provides background information on the Carthusian Order, including letters from St Bruno, its founder, and a reflection on Bruno's continuing significance today. The many concerns of Carthusian life are evident here; solitude, fraternal love, prayer, monastic vows, work and liturgy, and each is tackled with great honesty, wit and wisdom.

978 0 85244 670 6   260 pages   £9.99

Where Silence is Praise

A Carthusian

Extracts drawn from letters and writings reveal the evident humanity of a man once prey to ambition, anger and pride, yet the overwhelming atmosphere is one of deep calm, the result of a life of prayer and humility, of constant striving to improve. Much in demand since its first publication, this edition has been edited and revised and gives further insight into the peace of Carthusian spirituality.

978 0 232 52184 9   144 pages   £5.95

Saint Bruno The Carthusian
André Ravier

St Bruno was born in Cologne around 1030.  He studied at the university in Rheims, where he later taught, and was Rector of Studies for twenty years.  Chosen in 1080 as the new Archbishop, Bruno had other plans - he had decided to follow Christ to the desert - and with six of his companions settled in a mountainous and uninhabited spot in the lower Alps, in a place named Chartreuse, under the guidance of the young bishop of Grenoble, Hugh Châteauneuf. They built an oratory with small individual cells at a distance from each other where they lived isolated and in poverty, entirely occupied in prayer and study.

André Ravier’s classic biography, drawing extensively on original documents, reveals the real Bruno, allowing this great saint, the very model of the pure contemplative, to teach us the value of setting aside the transitory to seek solitude in one’s own heart - “to seek God alone”.

978 085244 924 0  198 pages     £9.99

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