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Dominique le Tourneau

Opus Dei, founded in 1928 by St Josemaría Escrivá, proclaims that lay people can and ought to seek holiness in the context of their ordinary life. Here the French priest and canon lawyer Dominique le Tourneau, presents a comprehensive profile of this institution of the Church and its founder. Its inspiration, history, spirituality, organisation and activities are all clearly detailed—this is a rigorous and well-documented source book by someone who really knows Opus Dei from the inside.

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William Keenan

St Josemaría Escrivá, canonized by Pope John Paul II in October 2002, was born in 1902 in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees. His inspiration has now spread throughout the world and this new compelling biography, covering the early years of the life of St Josemaría, reads like a thriller, however, it is more than a breathtaking adventure. Here is the story of a fugitive priest at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War who was caught up in the bloodbath of the religious persecution in which bishops, priests and nuns were slaughtered.

Amongst the chaos and horror there are vivid glimpses into the soul of a man striving for sanctity in a world that has gone mad. All the while, St Josemaría, after receiving a vision from God, was slowly, but surely, spreading one of the most important spiritual messages for our time: that holiness is not just for priests and nuns, but for everyone. For an ordinary man or woman a way to holiness can be found through daily work and the everyday duties of a Christian.

A major contributor to the rediscovery of the apostolate of the laity in the Church, this is the fascinating story of his work and the founding of Opus Dei in 1928.

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St. Josemaria Escrivá

First published in 1939, this book is a phenomenon in contemporary spiritual writing. The message that every Christian man and woman, whatever their place of work or calling, is called to sanctity has touched countless lives; this work offers a starting-point for a prayer which finds Christ in all the experience of living. A special feature of this new edition is the footnotes, drafted not only for those approaching the book as a tool to help them pray, but having in mind also readers studying the text as an example of 20th Century Spaniah literature. This is a revised annotated bilingual edition, has parallel Spanish and English texts.

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New Translation of the Order of Mass

This Seventh Edition is published in accordance with the Roman Missal, Third Edition. It features:

* Basic prayers such as the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Morning Offering, Apostles’ Creed, and The Liturgy of the Hours;

* Order of the Mass in English (new translation) and Latin;

* Prayers before and after Mass;

* Guide for a good confession;

* Devotions to the Blessed Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, and St.Joseph; and

* Hundreds of prayers in all.

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An outstanding collection of prayers that includes basic Catholic prayers, prayers before and after Mass, devotions, prayers for the dead, and much more.


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