Come Follow Me
Discipleship Reflections on the
Sunday Gospel Readings for Liturgical Year B
Daniel H. Mueggenborg

In recent years there has been an intensified focus on the development of discipleship-based parish ministries especially in the Catholic Church. Making disciples is the great and enduring Commission Jesus gave to the Church in Matthew 28:19. Contemporary writings by Sherry Weddell, Rev. Michael White, Rev. James Mallon and others along with movements like FOCUS Missionaries, the Augustine Institute, Dynamic Catholic, Real Life Catholic, Word on Fire, and Amazing Parish have all assisted in the transformation of parochial ministries from maintenance to mission-focused endeavours.

In this book, Monsignor Mueggenborg presents a simple resource that can help enrich the faith lives of parishioners and assist them in becoming missionary disciples. These reflections are based on the Gospel readings assigned to a given Sunday in the Liturgical Year. Each reflection identifies some significant elements in the Gospel passage followed by application questions that challenge a disciple's faith life. The reflections are designed for use in either small group bible studies or as a resource for individual prayer and contemplation. The reflections intentionally start with the brevity and simplicity of Advent before developing into more complex explorations of the biblical text as the year progresses. The Word of God is alive, powerful, and sharper than a two edged sword (Heb 4:12). Come Follow Me is a tried and proven resource that helps to unleash the power of the Word in the hearts of Christ's disciples.  

Come Follow Me Year B   

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Come Follow Me Year A   

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Come Follow Me Year  C  

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Monsignor Daniel Mueggenborg’s brief but meaty commentaries on the Sunday Gospel readings come with thought-provoking questions and simple instructions for use in small groups.  An especially helpful resource for small groups of disciples who desire to go deeper in their relationship with Christ.

Sherry Weddell, Co-Director, Catherine of Siena Institute

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