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Reclaiming the Piazza
Catholic Education as a Cultural Project
Ronnie Convery - Leonard Franchi - Raymond McCuskey

This book is a call to re-examine the mission of Catholic education today.  In an age in which a range of political forces seek to use education for short-term gains, Catholic education offers a deeper and more meaningful vision.  The authors of Reclaiming the Piazza argue that Catholic education should contribute to the broad cultural enrichment which the teaching of the Church recommends.

The need to re-propose the beauty of the Christian message - never to impose or superimpose it - is the core message of this text.  Insofar as it situates much of its content in an educational context, it will be a useful and interesting companion for teachers and catechists; its analysis of the links between communication and culture will mean it will find its place in the libraries of Catholic communications professionals and its wide-ranging, up-to-date and practical call for a new

engagement between Catholics and representatives of a secular culture will have a wide appeal.

Philip Tartaglia, Archbishop of Glasgow

978 085244 844 1

208 pages



Reclaiming the Piazza II:

Catholic Education

and the New Evangelization

Editors: Ronnie Convery, Leonardo Franchi, Raymond McCluskey

Preface by Archbishop Rino Fisichella

Theoretical reflections and practical applications for the New Evangelization in Catholic Education: the Catholic school, university and higher education,religious education, chaplaincy, teaching and leadership, social media.

To reclaim the cultural “piazza” the Christian message must be attractive, reasonable and relevant. This volume aims to show how Catholic education can contribute to the new

evangelisation in the rapidly evolving cultural landscape of the 21st century.

What is a Catholic culture for today? How should it relate to prevailing cultural trends? How can Catholics engage and evangelise in a way that respects others’ beliefs and values?

This book offers unique insights into how Catholic education can enrich the culture of the pluralist society, it offers ideas and reflections to all who care about Catholic education and culture and who want to share the life-giving content of the Christian message with those at the peripheries of belief, understanding and familiarity with the Christian worldview.

With insights from school and university educators and professional communicators this wide-ranging, up-to-date and practical call for a new engagement between Catholics and representatives of secular culture will have a wide appeal.

Contributors: Isabelle Boyd, Francis Campbell, Ronnie Convery, Archbishop Leo Cushley, Natalie Finnigan, Leonardo Franchi, Bishop John Keenan, Fr Joseph Lappin, Raymond McCluskey, Tracey Rowland

978 085244 899 1  


192 pages