Dr John Lydon (ed)

At the root of Catholic education is our Christian spiritual heritage, which is part of a constant dialogue with the cultural heritage and the conquests of science; Catholic schools and universities are educational communities where learning thrives on the integration between research, thinking and life experience.

   (Congregation for Catholic Education (CCE) 2014:II)

This citation from Educating Today and Tomorrow, a landmark document published by the Congregation for Catholic Education prior to the eponymous World Congress 2015, encapsulates the nature and purpose of this book which, in essence, constitutes a dialogue between theology and education. The notion that the perennial, in the form of the rich heritage of the Catholic education tradition, must remain in constant dialogue with the transitional educational landscape permeates this publication which is rooted in a distinctive understanding of the human person and is anchored in three core principles: the dignity of the individual, the call to human flourishing and the promise of a divine destiny.

This reader provides a key text on Catholic Education for all those working in Catholic Schools, and especially those engaged in teacher training – either as student or instructor.

Dr John Lydon teaches at St Mary’s University, Twickenham and is the University's Programme Director for Catholic School Leadership and also the Director of the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) Programme.

ISBN 978 085244 933 2                              400 pages                        £20.00

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