Pastoral Care for Loneliness
A New Apostolate

Matthew Fforde

A dramatic ‘sign of the times’, the epidemic of loneliness has been spreading in various forms throughout society in recent decades, particularly in the West. Because of this malady of our times, many of the men and women of our epoch experience the unhappiness of ‘lonely modernity’. To respond to this affliction and counter the consequences of the retreat of Christian culture, this book proposes a new initiative, a new social ministry, a new apostolate: pastoral care for loneliness.

Examining the causes and the aspects of this epidemic, the author offers a series of proposals for the implementation and the development of this form of pastoral care. As a response to Christ’s instruction to care for the afflicted, and forming part of the ‘New Evangelisation’, this book is addressed to everyone - Christians, those of other religions and those of no religion at all - but is especially an appeal to the Catholic world: clergy, religious orders, charitable groups and lay associations.

As the author concludes ‘how beautiful it would be if after our deaths Christ could say to us: “I was alone, I suffered because of it, and you kept me company.”

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