A Deep and Subtle Joy

Life at Quarr Abbey

Luke Bell OSB

An introduction to Benedictine, and indeed Christian, spirituality. It takes the reader on a twenty-four-hour personal tour of Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight. The reader is invited to share in the lives of the monks and enter into their rhythm of worship, work, reading, prayer and recreation.

The chapters are organised according to the rhythm of the day and answer questions such as, “What can we learn from the way pigs eats?” And “Why is the cloister hidden?” Taking illustrations from both nature and scripture, A Deep and Subtle Joy describes various areas in the monastery, as well as particularly moments in the day. Each chapter focuses on a time of day, which has its own spiritual theme.

Father Luke Bell, OSB, is a monk at Quarr Abbey. He studied English at Cambridge University, and has experience as a teacher, a pastor of a country parish, and a prison chaplain. He is the author of several books on aspects of Christian spirituality.

978 085244 676 8

164 pages


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