The Sacramental Mystery

Third edition

Paul Haffner

The seven sacraments lie at the centre of Christian life and experience, for here God the Holy Trinity touches human lives and hearts. This book is one of the few at the present time to offer a global synthesis of the main themes in the sacramental mystery in which the human and divine, the material and the spiritual realms are intimately intertwined. Paul Haffner outlines how the sacraments are the chief means in the Church through which God’s people are reconciled to the Father, through His Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit. The treatise illustrates classical issues like the conditions for the validity and the efficacy of the sacraments, as well as the minister, recipient and effects of these sacred mysteries; it deals with particular topics like the necessity of Baptism, the sacrificial character of the Eucharist, and the nature of Marriage. As he examines each sacrament in turn, the work also explores how new ecumenical questions affect Christian sacramental understanding.

“I warmly commend this work on the subject of sacramental theology.”

Archbishop Csaba Ternyák, Secretary of the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy

978 0 85244 894 6

312 pages

£15.99 Pb

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