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As I Have Loved You

Dr Gerard O'Shea
This book is a fine resource on which parents can readily draw in their efforts to talk to their children, through the years of innocence and puberty, about sexual development and the responsibilities that come with it. Using easy to understand language and graphics, it offers parents advice and materials for training their own children in a well integrated sexuality according to the mind of the Church.
"The best thing about this course is that it respects the right of parents to educate their children about human sexuality and relationships and supports them without undermining their confidence or dismissing their competence..." Edmund P. Adamus, Director, Dept for Pastoral Affairs, Archdiocese of Westminster.

978 085244 775 8 88 pages illustrated £9.99

Augustine of Hippo

Virgilio Pacioni, OSA
Saint Augustine's philosophy, often only studied in a particular historical context, has once again shown itself to be extraordinarily modern. Virgilio Pacioni, an Augustine scholar at the Patristic Institute Augustinianum in Rome, takes advantage of two avenues of interpretation to examine Augustine's philosophical thought: an anthropological one benefiting from the innovative analyses of Nello Capriani, and a formal, logical one enhanced by the contribution of Michele Malatesta.

978 085244 737 6 348 pages £14.99 available

Belmont Abbey

Celebrating 150 Years
Edited by Andrew Berry, OSB
Founded in 1859, a product of the Catholic Revival, the monastic community at Belmont has provided a faithful witness, its work and mission reflecting the changing needs of the Church and her people. The monks of Belmont in Hereford seek God through prayer, work, hospitality and community life. Here this wonderful story is told and beautifully illustrated with recent and archive photographs.
"This beautiful church, and the entire monastic building of which it is heart and soul, stand in the landscape of our history as a monument to faith, to perseverance, to prayer, and to the richness of the monastic tradition as a clear witnes to faith in this land." Archbishop Vincent Nichols

978 085244 730 7 - 242 pages - Colour and B&W Photographs £25.00hb available

A Biblical Search for the Church Christ Founded

Linus F. Clovis
This excellent resource keeps in mind the misinterpretations of Scripture with which our children are bombarded, confused and seduced. It was, therefore, necessary not only to show that the Church Christ founded is clearly identifiable from Scripture but, also, to indicate the means to recognise her from among numerous claimants. Additionally, this book provides a useful guide for those people of goodwill who are searching for the Church Christ founded, but do not have the skill or the time to sift through the various claims.

978 085244 771 0 - 224 pages £9.99 available

The Billings Method - New Edition

Dr Evelyn Billings and Dr Ann Westmore
A new updated edition of the bestselling title shows nature has provided every woman with a precise signal of her state of fertility, which she can quickly learn to recognise. This simple fact if the basis of the Billings Method, which has helped millions of women around the world to tune into their own bodies and achieve healthy, natural fertiliy control. Using this reliable method couples can be confident in making love to either achieve or avoid pregnancy.

978 085244 262 3 152 illustraed pages £9.99 available

Blessed John Henry Newman - A Richly Illustrated Portrait

Sr Dietz FSO and Sr Dechant FSO
Many may wonder why Newman was beatified, what it was that made him holy? The authors inidicate an answer to this question. His was not a life of extraordinary signs and wonders, of visions and ecstasies, not of physical trials. His holiness consisted in living up to the divine gifts and virtues of faith, hope and love, accepting and obeying God's will in the ordinary, everyday circumstances of life, as well as in extraordinary spiritual trials he faced for long periods.

978 085244 724 6 160 illustrated pages £12.99 @ Special Price £10.00

Blessed Nicholas Postgate - Martyr of the Moors

Nicholas Rhea
One of the best-loved martyrs, from the 1660's, whose lonely mission in the wilds of the North York Moors has captured the imagination of people of all faiths. Known as 'The Good Samaritan of the Moors' due to his generosity to all regardless of their status or religion, he walked around his huge 'parish' of Blackamoor, always declining the offer of a horse. He shared his belongings and visited people in remote areas to offer spiritual and practical help, wanting to understand the plights of the poor and to empathise with them in every way. Remarkably he began his work in his sixties and continued well into his eighties.

978 085244 785 7 - 240 pages illustrated £12.99 available

Edmund Campion

Richard Simpson
A new and definitive life of Campion. Simpson's classic biography has been thoroughly revised and enlarged by Fr Peter Joseph. With a foreword by Cardinal Pell. St Edmund Campion, born in London in 1540, was an outstanding student and orator from his early years. After schooling at St Paul's, and Christ Church, he entered St John's College, Oxford, where he studied philosophy, theology and the classics.

As Master of Rhetoric at Oxford, he became legendary for his eloquence, talents and winning personality. Caught in the middle of the Elizabethan Reformation, he compromised his Catholic faith at University, took the Oath of Supremacy, and was ordained an Anglican deacon. After a change of heart and retreat into Ireland, he spent two years at Dr Allen's seminary at Douay, and then went to Rome to enter the Society of Jesus in 1573. In 1580 he was commissioned by the Jesuit General to minister to the persecuted Catholics in England. He entered England in June 1580 and began a secret ministry, passing from home to home in thirteen counties, via an underground Catholic network. A nationwide man-hunt was begun for him, but he evaded his pursuers and secretly printed his book, Ten Reasons, which caused a sensation. Betrayed by a false Catholic, Campion was captured in July 1581, imprisoned in the Tower of London and tortured on the rack. On 1st December 1581, before an enormous crowd at Tyburn, he was fearlessly martyred by hanging, drawing and quartering.

978 085244 734 5 688 pages £25.00 hardback available

Catholic Priest, Image of Christ

Through Fifteen Centuries of Art

Steen Heidemann - Editor
"Usually images speak louder than words and are more expressive than words and, therefore, a work devoted to the priesthood acquires a very special dimension when, alongside the various texts, the reader can look at illustrations chosen from paintings of the Old Masters who portrayed eminent priests at various stages of their lives.

The priestly minstry is a fundamental element of the Church, exactly as Our Lord Jesus Christ wished. He Himself was and is, for all eternity, the sovereign and eternal Priest of the New Covenant, because, as the Epistle to the Hebrews teaches us. He offered to the Father, on the Cross, the sacrifice of perfect adoration, of thanksgiving, propitiation of sins of the world and the granting of grace for all the spiritual and temporal needs of mankind. In this holiest of Sacrifices which is made by the whole Church every time the Eucharist is celebrated, Christ is present as Priest, Victim and Altar.

This is the Catholic image of the priest and this handsome book will greatly help towards appreciating its very rich facets and the endless ways the grace of God shines through each priest for the glory of the Blessed Trinity and the spiritual welfare of the Church and each Christian within Her."
His Eminence Jorge Cardinal Mendina Est

978 085244 178 7 320 pages 560 colour illustrations £40.00hb available
NB: This edition is not for sale in the USA. Customers should contact Ignatius Press.

Catholic Social Conscience

Francis Davis and Keith Chappell
This outstanding collection of essays sets out to explore the possibilites for a renewed Catholic social conscience in the aftermath of three related - but contrasting - crises namely the demise of European communism, the recent and ongoing international economic collapse and the devastating blow to Catholic credibility in the public sphere represented by the widespread and senior cover-up of clergy child sex-abuse. Interdisciplinary in nature, the essays seek to reground theological thinking in a fresh way, to draw out traditions that have been lost in the midst of political and cultural struggle and to focus on specific instances of social need.
This book will be of particular interest to all Christians who have believed that the Catholic Social Teaching tradition, up to now, had something to offer the Christian community as a whole by way of resources to navigate the call to civic and social action. It will appeal to Catholic parish council members, charity workers, activists, catechists, religious, seminarians, and academics. Indeed, it should inspire those seeking to reflect on the future of Catholic social thought.

978 085244 773 4 240 pages £12.99 available

Christ in His Mysteries

Blessed Columba Marmion
This is Blessed Columba Mamion's great meditation on the treasure-house of grace Christ offers us in the Church's liturgical year. In the clear inspiring language that made him a favourite of Popes and lay faithful alike, he explains:
* How the Mysteries of Jesus are now our mysteries- springs of living water we are meant to drink from.
* How Christ's wisdom, His holiness, His strength, are now our wisdom, our holiness, our strength.
* How to acquire special graces during each liturgical season.
"Writings of deep insight and great value... An authentic treasury of original truth." Pope John Paul II

978 085244 735 2 496 pages £17.99 available

Christ Our High Priest

Spiritual Exercises with Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Albert Vanhoye
'With a sense of humility and united to the gentle heart of our Lord, I rejoice to be at your service for these Spiritual Exercises. There are many topics that I would like to put before you but I am reassured by the awareness that I am not the main actor. In Spiritual Exercises, the principle actor is clearly the Holy Spirit; otherwise they would not merit being called Spiritual Exercises. Therefore, I suggest to you that, above all, we entrust ourselves with great openess to the guidance of the Holy Spirit who will bring us to understand the Word of God deeply.'

978 085244 768 0 164 pages £9.99 available

Christianity in Iraq - New Edition

Suha Rassam
This classic work is now available with fully revised. Few people in the West are aware of Christianity's vibrant past in this reqion, or of the fact that Christianity has continued to be a significant cultural and religious presence in Iraq right up to the present day. This book helps us exlpore the ancient heritage while shedding much needed light on the present dire situation for Christians in Iraq, under occupation and transitional rule through to the present day. It is essential reading for all those in the West who are concerned for the future of Iraq and its people.

978 085244 738 3 320 pages £12.99 available

A Civilization of Love

The Catholic Vision for Human Society
William Newton
The Second Vatican Council exhorted the faithful to 'seek the kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and by ordering them according to the plan of God' (Lumen Gentium, 31). The contours of this mission are given by Catholic social teaching and yet, regrettably, this treasure remains undiscovered by most Catholics. Conscious of this, the popes of the modern age have consistently expressed their desire that this aspect of the Church's doctrine and mission become more widely known. Responding to that desire, this book, guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of the doctrine, in particular the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.

978 085244 761 1 280 pages £12.99 available

Climbing the Mountain

The Journey of Prayer
James Tolhurst
In this book we find a sure companion for the journey of prayer, showing us how to begin to pray, exploring the many sources of prayer that we may encounter, and sharing the experience of the saints and other spiritual writers from both Eastern and Western Christianity. The great variety of prayer, meditation and mystical experience in the Christian tradition is expertly treated, as well as the many stumbling blocks and obstacles that may come our way.
978 085244 372 9 150 pages £7.99 available

Companion to Catholic Education

Edited by Leonardo Franchi and Stephen McKinney
This reader introduces the key theological themes of Catholic Religious Education today, providing an appropriate core text for those who are being educated to become Catholic teachers and preparing to work in Catholic schools. An ideal aid for managers and classroom teachers, it will also be useful for catechists and parents.
This resource for Catholic educators is designed for use in conjunction with other dedicated textbooks and good curricular material. It is not a stand-alone reference guide for educators but will orientate those new to the study of theology and Religious Education towards key theological themes they will encounter in their teaching and act as a catalyst for further and deeper study of the range of themes covered. Teachers and student teachers can use this text to chart their way through the many curricular packages with which they are faced today.

978 085244 757 4 250 pages £12.99 available

A Concise Companion and Commentary for
The Catechism of the Catholic Church

James Tolhurst
The Year of Faith offers a special opportunity for all believers to deepen their study of The Catechsim of the Catholic Church. In this new edition James Tolhurst provides a paragraph by paragraph exposition of this key text, supplemented by a wealth of information and an extensive prayer section which is intended to aid reflection on the teaching of the Catechsim itself.

978 085244 253 1 - 220 pages £9.99 available

The Council in Question

A Dialogue with Catholic Traditionalism
Moyra Doorly and Aidan Nichols, OP
Introduction by Cardinal George Pell
Presents an exchange of letters between a Catholic journalist and a leading Dominican theologian which addresses the issues central to the long-standing dispute between the Society of Saint Pius X and the Church of the Second Vatican Council. Going beyond the more familiar liturgical questions raised by the Conciliar reforms, The Council In Question covers subjects such as Religious Liberty, Ecumenism, continuity in Tradition, and the Social Reign of Christ the King, topics crucial not only to an understanding of the positions taken by the SSPX and by Rome in this decades-old dispute, but also to any assessment of the direction the current doctrinal discussions might take.

978 0 85244 765 9 112 pages £7.99 available

Dewi Sant - Saint David

Patron of Wales
J.B. Midgley
'In dedicating the mosaic in honour of St.David at Westminster Cathedral, Pope Benedict spoke of the great debt owed by Christian Europe to the great saints and missionaries of the sixth century of which David was one. David's preaching was simple yet profound. It was summed up in his final words: "Be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things." Jesus reminds us that if we are faithful in little things we will be faithful in great things too. May this book on St.David inspire us to be faithful in all things.' George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff

978 0 85244 758 1 - 82 pages £6.99 available

Dignitas Personae Explained

Dr John I Fleming
Infertility and the suffering associated with it has always been a tragic part of the human experience. This is especially true today. Various medical remedies have been developed to deal with human infertility, with artificial reproductive technologies being widely used. There are many treatments for infertility which are approved by the Catholic Church. But the use of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and related technologies have been condemned as contrary to the natural moral law. This book provides both an account of Church teaching and why the Church teaches what she does in a way that is accessible to the interested layperson. "Dr John Fleming reflects on, and amplifies, this new teaching document of the Church to make it all the more accessible to those who ought to benefit from it, not only those in the pew but also those in the laboratory who are not even religious." Dr John Hass, from the Foreword

978 085244 751 2 80 pages £6.99 available

Dom Augustine Baker 1575 - 1641

Edited by Geoffrey Scott
Augustine Baker OSB is arguably the most important English mystical teacher of the post-Reformation period. His output was prodigious, and his knowledge of the spiritual classics all-embracing. This volume brings together the work of scholars from a variety of disciplines, and is the only major study currently available to explore the rich complexity of Baker's thought.

978 085244 774 1 - 224 pages £12.99 available

Dominus Est - It is the Lord!

Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion
The Most Reverend Schneider
Holy Communion is not just a convivial moment of spiritual nourishment; it is the most personal encounter possible in this life between the faithful Christian and his Lord and God. The best interior attitude to this encounter is one of receptivity, humility, and spiritual childhood. Such an attitude, by its very nature, is expressed through gestures of adoration and reverence. We have eloquent witnesses to this truth from the tradition of the Church, summarised by the sayings cum amore ac timore (with love and fear) from the first millennium and quantum potes, tantum aude (dare to do as much as you can) from the second. To illustrate how this attitude manifests itself, the author shares stories of three "Eucharistic women" known to him from the Soviet Underground. This book encourages Catholics of the third millennium to treat the Lord, in the august moment of Holy Communion, in a manner appropriate to the Church's tradition.
'I have read the whole book with delight. It is excellent' - Francis Cardinal Arinze

978 097788 461 2 64 pages £5.99 available

Early Carthusian Writings

A collection of key texts from early Carthusian writing in the 11th and 12th centuries. Including a letter from St Bruno to his Carthusian sons at Chartreuse, and a letter on the solitary life from Blessed Guigo, fifth prior of the Grande Chartreuse
978085244 689 8 96 pages £7.99 available
See also: Carthusian Spirituality

Echoing the Silence

John Skinner
A companion volume to Sounding the Silence which asks: What is prayer? How may we approach our Maker in a simple, direct way? In listening to the Silence within. For if once we begin to attend to our deeper Self then we begin that most enriching encounter: to see Self enclosed within our Maker. Julian of Norwich tells us: "God is nearer to us than our own Soul". See also Hear Our Silence and Revelation of Love.

978 085244 193 0 134 pages £7.99 available

Elizabeth of the Trinity

Marian T Murphy, OCD
'A vibrant prophet of the presence of God' is how Pope John Paul II descibed Elizabeth of the Trinity. In this compelling book we enter deeply into her life and spirituality and see how relevant Elizabeth's message is for those of us living in today's highly secularised society. Attractive, lively, ardent, talented, yet with her share of faults, Elizabeth shows us that when we give ourselves to God, he builds on our nature and transforms us gradually to himself. She challenges us to follow her example and respond to God's universal call to holiness, while reawakening us to the immense depth and beauty of the normal channels of God's grace: prayer and sacraments.

978 085244 728 4 160 pages £9.99 available

Elizabeth Prout: 1820-1864

A Religious Life for Industrial England
Edna Hamer
A revised edition of this classic biography of a remarkable woman, a heroine of the Industrial Revolution who immersed herself in the chaos of Manchester's worst slums and brought comfort, education and hope to the poorest of the poor - the largely Irish and immigrant Catholic mill workers. All this was almost incidental to her overriding vocation, for Elizabeth Prout was the founder of a religious order whose members were themselves mainly from working-class backgrounds. Without endowments or wealthy patrons, these Sisters of the Cross and Passion worked tirelessly both to support themselves and to help the slum dwellers amongst whom they lived.

978 085244 171 8 376 pages Illustrated £15.99 available

The Elusive Father Brown

Julia Smith
G K Chesterton's much-loved priest-detective, Fr Brown, was based on his friend John Joseph O'Connor, born in Ireland and ordained a Catholic priest in 1895. Mgr John O'Connor became known for possesing one of the finest intellects in early twetieth-century europe, friend and confidante of statesmen, writers and artists, his own literary output was prolific. He collected fine works of art, the sale of which part funded the building of his first church, and through his friendshipwith Eric Gill he commissioned the Stations of the Cross for his Bradford church. This, the first biography, aims to introduce the shadowy figure whowas involved in so many different worlds.

978 085244 698 0 230 pages £12.99 available

English Catholic Heroes

John Jolliffe (Editor)
A book to inspire Catholics of all ages and to inform non-Catholics of the impressive gallery of England's Catholic heroes. A strong team of authors, including Clare Asquith, Abbot Aidan Bellenger, Robert Gray, Archbishop Vincent Nichols and A.N.Wilson have selected their heroes from many centuries from St.Aidan and the Venerable Bede to St.Robert Southwell, St.Edmund Campion, Cardinals Hume, Manning, Newman and Pole, Hilaire Belloc, St Thomas Becket, Augustus Welby Pugin and many more.

978 085244 604 1 224 pages Illustrated £9.99 available

English Catholic Heroines

Joanna Bogle (Editor)
In this book a group of distinguished authors with varying interests champion the achievements of twenty-three seminal figures in the history of the English Church, from the seventh century to the present day, who through their Catholic witness have made a contribution to the spiritual, intellectual, ethical and physical welfare of the nation which can be fairly described as "heroic". Includes chapters on: St.Hilda and St.Etheldreda, Julian of Norwich, St.Margaret Clitherow, M Elizabeth Hayes, and Elinor Brent-Dyer.

978 085244 185 5 328 pages £9.99 available

Fr Alexander Men

Martyr of Atheism
Michel Evdokimov
Father Alexander Men (1935-1990), a priest assassinated after the fall of communism, is a highly regarded figure in Russian Orthodoxy. He was brought up during the War and marked by the Stalinist era. Following the completion of his theological studies in Moscow, he was appointed to various parishes around the capital, in particular Alabino and Novaïa Dérévnia. But his personality and influence soon brought him into conflict with the authorities and he was persistently hounded by the police and subjected to interrogations and searches of his home. Father Men was not an agitator but the embodiment of an ideal of spiritual resistance to communism effected through prayer, the liturgical and sacramental life, and the valuing of the human person.

978 085244 608 9 108 pages £6.99 available

Festa Paschalia

A History of the Holy Week Liturgy in the Roman Rite
Philip Goddard
This book provides the first comprehensive history in English for eighty years. Describing how the first apostles and disciples, and their immediate successors, came during 33AD to celebrate an annual feast of the Resurrection, and the form which this first century celebration took. It goes on to explain the subsequent changes, elaborations, innovations and developments to the ceremonies which made them as they are today.

978 085244 764 2 - 352 pages £15.99 available

First Initiation into the Carthusian Life

A Carthusian
Carthusian spirituality and wisdom have a great attraction for our age. The goal of Carthusian life is union with God in Love. A union as profound and continual as is possible in this life. This book is written as a guide to help the beginner during the first months in the Charterhouse. It is a practical introduction for the aspirant to the Carthusian life, providing guidelines of orientation to help during the first steps in solitude as well as essential themes of spiritual formation.

978 085244 147 3 80 pages £7.99 available
See also: Carthusian Spirituality

The Five Wounds

Sanctuary for the Sick - Balm for the Wounded Spirit
Ann Farmer
True to the ancient devotion to the Five Wounds of Christ, this book offers hope and help to those suffering the invisible spiritual wounds that accompany sickness and disability - the poor in body and the poor in spirit - as well as those who care for them. Lifting the veil of Man's greatest mystery, it finds true love in apparently worthless suffering. In accepting God's plan, wherever it may lead, we find ourselves unexpectedly accepting His invitation to the joyful banquet of the Lamb.

978 085244 781 9 - 128 pages £6.99 available

Following the Silence

A Contemplative Journey
Georgina Alexander Foreword by William Johnston, SJ
"Meditators will find sound advice and guidance in the work of Georgina Alexander. She has read the mystics of the Byzantine school, but her work is primarily a description of her own experience and her own search... This [account] confirms me in my conviction that contemplative prayer is the way of the future in the world and that Georgina's message is somehow prophetic." William Johnston, SJ

978 085244 492 4 96 pages £6.99 available

The Freedom of Love

Rafael de Santiago
Is it still possible to say something new about love? Although we all claim to know what love is, the great variety of meanings that the word has makes it diffcult to say what it really is. In this book, the author offers an attractive and clear exposition of the essential elements of love. When we try to understand what love is, we do it in the hope that it will help us improve our relationships and our lives. The chapters of this book are like a"map of life" in the sense that they deal with such important issues as the nature of love, the nuptial meaning of the body, the meaning of loyalty to our commitments, the connection between love and excellence, the importance of forgiveness, and the relationship between love and freedom.

978 085244 779 6 - 156 pages £7.99 available

From Hermes to Benedict XVI

Aidan Nichols, OP
The question of Faith and Reason is central to Catholic thought today. Aidan Nichols charts the development of the topic through key figures who set in every essential the terms of the debate between faith and reason whose issue, where official Catholicism is concerned, may be found as the twentieth century drew to its close in the encyclical letter Fides et ratio (1998) of John Paul II.

Aidan Nichols is an invaluable guide through the various accounts of the faith/reason relationship available within the parameters of Catholicism, and offers an approach which seems well-suited both to the demands of theology and to the philosophical needs of the present time.

978 0 85244 699 7 288 pages £14.99 available

George Myers: Pugin's Builder

Patricia Spencer-Silver
George Myers (1803-1875) was one of the mid-nineteenth century's great masterbuilders. From his workshops, first in his native Hull and later in London, he directed a nationwide contracting business executing many large and important contracts. These included the original army camp at Aldershot, military hospitals, asylums, workhouses, banks and commercial premises, country houses and restorations - among the last was the Norman Chapel of St.John in the tower of London.
But it was as the favourite builder of the prolific Gothic-revival church architect, designer and polemicist, A.W.N.Pugin, that Myers became well known, to the extent of earning himself the soubriquet 'Pugin's builder'. Described by Pugin as 'a rough diamond, but a real diamond', Myers executed most of Pugin's English commissions, among them no fewer than four Catholic cathedrals - Birmingham, Southwark, Newcastle and Nottingham - all built within the space of a single decade.

978 085244 184 8 294 illustrated pages £20.00hb available
See also: Augustus Welby Pugin

A Glimpse of Heaven DVD

Great Catholic Churches of England and Wales
When Christopher Martin's survey of Catholic churches 'A Glimpse of Heaven', with photography by Alex Ramsay, was published in 2006 it was a great and immediate success. It was "A revelation" according to both The Times and The Independent on Sunday, a "landmark" and "a pioneering survey". Now the author has created a DVD which tells the extradordinary story of how the Catholic faith in England and Wales survived after the Reformation. The architectural legacy is breathtaking ranging from the imperious Gothic of Pugin and the High Victorians to theByzantine magnificence of Westminster Cathedral or from a simple village in Cumberland to the unflinching Modernism of Liverpool Cathedral. The story ends with a triumphant return to the Classical style at Brentwood Cathedral - the last important Catholic commission in Britain. Taking part are architects, distinguished historians, churchmen and conservationists including Marcus Binney, Lord Camoys, Gavin Stamp, Mark Girouard, Abbot Geoffrey Scott OSB, Sophie Andreae, Bishop Thomas McMahon, Quinlan Terry and Austin Winkley. The DVD features Alex Ramsay's splendid still photography which is intercut with the brilliant cinematograohy of Charles Chabot.

978 085244 697 3 (2 DVD set) 110 minutes £12.99

A Glimpse of Heaven

New revised 2009 text paperback
978 1905624 62 1 224 pages £20.00

Special Offer
Paperback copy of the book plus the DVD for £25.00

The Holiness of G. K. Chesterton

Sheridan Gilley, Ian Ker, Nicholas Madden OCD, Aidan Nichols OP, John Saward and Bob Wild
Introduction and Edited by William Oddie
G. K. Chesterton was one of the most provocative and well-loved English writers of the 20th century. Renowned for his journalism and as an essayist, he was the author of around eighty books, some two hundred short stories, four thousand essays and several plays. His writing ranged from fiction and poetry, to history, philosophy, political, social and literary criticism, theology and Catholic apologetics. His works reflect a life that was filled with wonder and joy, a constancy in fighting for the Christian faith in a world losing belief, a lifelong devotion to the Blessed Virgin and his love for all men, especially the poor. But are these grounds for his canonisation? The late Cardinal Emmett Carter described G. K. Chesterton, on the 50th anniversary of his death as one of the "holy lay persons" who have exercised a truly prophetic role within the Church and the world.

978 085244 725 3 160 pages £9.99 available

The Holy Eucharist
Studies on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, its Celebration and Concelebration
Joseph de Sainte-Marie, OCD
Without calling for a change in the post-Conciliar discipline of the Latin Church, the author offers a complete and trenchant historical and dogmatic critique of the recent neglect of the individuallly celebrated mass in favour of concelebration.
978 085244 310 1 472 pages £20.00 September 2012

How to get expelled from school
A guide to climate change for pupils, parents & punters
Ian Plimer
This sequel to the international best-seller Heaven and Earth will further nudge the global zealots and extremists to the fringes of this debate. This new book debunks the theory that the world is facing a climate emergency, embarrasses those who dishonestly argue that science is settled and will undoubtebly put fear into the hearts of those who need or want the world to believe we are facing a global environmental catastrophe. In every classroom where global warming is discussed this book is a must-have text for every student to ensure that they are exposed to a more rational evaluation of this debate and not just the views of the alarmists and their far-left green adherents.
978 085244 802 1 - 252 pages £12.99 September 2012

Learning to Love

at the School of John Paul II and Benedict XVI

Livio Melina (translated by Joel Wallace)
This beautiful little book places the reader at the feet of Pope John Paul II and his successor, Pope Benedict XVI to learn the "fascinating beauty" of human love. At this "school of love", one is drawn to the human mystery, since "Christ reveals man to himself and makes known to him his sublime calling".
"..Learning to Love is a masterpiece, a message every heart is ready for." Prof Carl A.Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus

978 085244 778 9 - 92 pages £6.99 available

Lessons in a Rose-Garden

Aidan Nichols
Revives the once classical approach to the Rosary which takes various 'mysteries' of this popular Roman Catholic prayer-form as a starting point for a wide-ranging exploration of theological as well as spiritual themes.Though this book can be used as a stimulus to spiritual meditation, rooted in the experience of giving Retreat Conferences on the Mystery of the Rosary over many years, it is also something more. Interwoven with the mysteries are reflections on the whole gamut of Christian doctrine, from the Trinity to morals, returning time and again to Mariology as the lens through which the Rosary looks at revelation. This book shows there can be no better place in which to study Catholic teaching than the Garden of the Mother of God.

978 085244 790 1 - 352 pages colour illustrated £20.00 hardback available

Liturgical Reflections of a Papal Master
of Ceremonies

Reverend Monsignor Guido Marini
Anyone who watches or participates in a papal liturgy is struck by the seeming effortlessness with which it is conducted , resulting in a celebration which is prayerful, dignified, and uplifting. Of course, as anyone might also surmise, such an achievement is not possible without great effort - study, prayer, reflection, rehearsal. The person responsible for bringing the many elements together (liturgical texts, music, ministers, worship aids for the congregation, the Pope himself) is the priest designated as the "Master of the Pontifical Ceremonies". He is discretely omnipresent, always found standing to the left of the Sovereign Pontiff. For some time now, that man has been Reverend Monsignor Guido Marini, a priest of the Archdiocese of Genoa, known for his gentleness and clear vision.
Here Monsignor Marini takes the oppurtunity to explain why he makes the liturgical judgements he makes and how they are grounded in both sound theological principles and the goals of Pope Benedict XVI for the liturgical life of the whole Church.
What the Pope does in the sacred rites has taken on even greater importance in the present age of easy communication and travel, making papal ceremonies even more accessible and thus, potentially, even more exemplary.

978 0 9778846 5 0 112 pages £6.99 available

Mystics in the Making

Lay Women in Today's Church
Carolyn Humphreys
Emphasizes the necessity of daily prayer, ongoing spiritual development and loving service based on sound Catholic values. It will help Catholic women (and men) find moral strength and confidence in themselves through living the teachings of Christ and his Church in their daily activities and in striving to be their best. What is seemingly ordinary serves an extraordinary purpose when illuminated by God's light and love.

978 085244 780 2- 220 pages £9.99 available

The New Evangelization
Responding to the Challenge of Indifference
Rino Fisichella
In this era of ideological and cultural crisis within Western society, the Church has the delicate task of guiding man and society towards salvation, towards a life closer to the word of Christ. In this important book, which is a cultural and religious manifesto for the Year of Faith, Archbishop Fisichella explains what constitutes the great task in which he, and the Church, are called upon to propose the centrality of the family, promoting the ethics of finance, redeveloping the presence of Catholics in politics and especially urging people not to get trapped in isolation and indifference.

978 0 85244 796 3 -164 pages £9.99 September 2012

The Origins of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi

Andrew Breeze
One of the most revolutionary books ever published on the literatures of Britain – its subject is the four stories in the collection of Welsh prose tales known as The Mabinogi which have long enjoyed popularity as Wales's most significant contribution to world literature.

The four branches are tales of love, adventure and magic, but also rape, adultery, betrayal and attempted murder. Although most scholars agree that the four stories are the work of a single author, there has been no agreement on where and when they were composed. It has always been assumed that they were the work of a male author, however, Andrew Breeze's sensational analysis convincingly shows they were composed by a female author.

978 0 85244 553 2 164 pages £9.99 available

A Passion for Justice

An Introductory Guide to the Code of Canon Law
This book provides a theological and juridical introduction and explanation on the various aspects of the Church's life. The schematic presentation of 'key canons' is designed to enable the reader to understand the principal elements of a specific section and to see how those canons can be broken down so that their inter-related parts may be read, analysed and applied. The Code of Canon Law, then, can be seen as a valuable instrument in fulfilling the Church's mission for those with a passion for justice, rooted in the Gospel of Christ.
978 0 85244 478 8 604 pages £25.00 available

The Path to Rome - Revised

Dwight Longenecker and Cyprian Blamires (Editors)
First published ten years ago. The Path to Rome has since established itself as a classic of its kind. Largely ignored by the mainstream media, the impressive flow of conversions to the Catholic Church which took place in the last two decades of the twentieth century has shown no sign of abating in this new millennium. This new edition re-groups the established stories and gathers a fresh collection from a wider range of contributors. The Path to Rome has helped many people towards the fullness of Catholic Faith and this new edition continues that tradition.

978 085244 729 1 412 pages £12.99 available

A Peculiar Kind of Mission

The English Dominican Sisters 1845-2010
Anselm Nye
This book traces the development of five communities of Dominican Sisters, founded during the nineteenth century, whose mother houses were eventually established at Stone, Stroud, Leicester, Harrow and Portobello Road in London.Though these foundations clung to their essential Dominican identity, each had its own particular distinct character and manner of carrying out its own 'peculiar kind of mission'.

978 085244 763 5 352 pages illustrated £25.00hb available

Pope Benedict XVI and the Liturgy

Anselm Gribbin
Joseph Ratzinger has been a well-known figure in Catholic circles for the last forty years. His views have made him a source of controversy to some, while to others he is seen as a prophetic and fearless voice in an increasingly secular world. He has spent his life as a theologian and now a prominent and inescapable feature of his pontificate is the attention which he has given to the sacred liturgy.

978 085244 755 0 256 pages £12.99 available

Ronald Knox and English Catholicism

Terry Tastard
Ronald Knox was hailed as one of the brightest minds of the Edwardian era, and his decision to become Catholic shocked many of his contemporaries. He was to be one of the most outstanding recruits to the Church of his generation, and for thirty years he was one of the best known personalities of English Catholicism. A gifted writer and broadcaster, Knox raised the self-confidence of the Catholic Church and showed how Catholicism was now more at home in England.

978 085244 250 0 232 pages £12.99 available

The School of Compassion

Deborah Jones
The author engages with the Catholic Church's contemporary attitude towards animals. This is the fullest sustained study of the subject in that faith tradition. In the first part she explores the history of the Church's ideas about animals, the second part forensically examines the Catechism of the Catholic Church's four paragraphs which relate particularly to animals, and finally major contemporary issues are raised.

This book is the fullest systemic treatment of the moral status of animals within the Roman Catholic tradition. It is the result of painstaking scholarship, wide reading, and, most of all, insightful theological exploration.

Revd Professor Andrew Linzey

978 0 85244 731 4 256 pages £14.99 available

The Scope of Philosophy

John Young
Can we have certainty? Is the universe due to chance, or is it designed? Does God Exist? Has each of us a soul that survives after death? Are there unchanging moral laws by which we should live? This book examines these and many other questions from the standpoint of reason. It draws on the wisdom of the past, and especially the perennial philosophy of which St. Thomas Aquinas is the greatest representative, using these insights to discuss topics affecting us.

978 085244 733 8 342 pages £9.99 available

The Sensus Fidelium

978 085244 694 2 256 pages £9.99 available

Serving Two Masters?
Catholic School Governors at Work
Christopher Storr
Essential reading for anyone involved in Catholic education, this book will be invaluable for Catholic school governors and those in dioceses and Local Authorities who are involved in Catholic education and in governor training, as well as for all students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate teacher training courses in England and Wales. It provides historical context to the tension between the state and the Catholic Church, and treats fully the key contemporary issues confronting the Catholic ethos of schools.

978 085244 742 0 240 pages £12.99 available

Sixtus V
The Hermit of Villa Montalto

W T Selley
A much neglected, but major figure of the renaissance. Although Sixtus V was abstemious and devout, living quietly with his widowed sister, he was in the front rank of great reforming Renaissance Popes, and important in the creation of Renaissance Rome. Many of the monuments of Rome, the oblelisks and fountains, the frescoes and Church facades were designed under his influence with a view of easing the path of the pilgrims visiting Rome.

978 085244 750 5 432 pages £20.00 available

Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting

Aidan Hart
This book is a comprehensive and clear explanation of the techniques and materials needed for egg tempera panel painting, gilding, fresco and secco wall painting, written by someone with over twenty years proffesional experience. Although the context is the icon tradition, the techniques covered will be equally useful for any practitioner and student of these mediums. It also explains the history and theology of these sacred images.
The last two decades have seen a bourgeoning interest in icons in the west, as much outside the Orthodox Church as inside it. Icons are being commissioned by Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals and churches, as well as by individuals of many demoniations. This very broad interest in icons and the attraction of the Orthodox spirituality behind the icon has greatly increased the number of people who want to learn about the art of iconography. Gloriously illustrated in colour and with a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales.

978 085244 215 9 480 pages hardback £40.00 available
(Available in USA from Liturgy Training Publications

Tell Me About the Holy Spirit'

Gerald O'Mahoney, S.J.
The author writes: '..Here will be found what the Catholic Church and tradition have held about the Holy Spirit, in simple language which aims to be both enlightening and uplifting. As I have often in the past written about God and the Father and about Jesus; so it seemed high time to write about the Spirit who brings God's love to us, and who takes our love back to God.'

978 085244 777 2 108 pages £7.99 available

A Tour of the Catechism: Volume One - The Creed

Fr John Flader
Unpacks the essentials of The Catechism of the Catholic Church and explains them in a way everyone can understand. This book is a must for those who want to know what the Church teaches, both for their own benefit and for the benefit of others: teachers, catechists, parents, converts, and students of all kinds.

978 085244 776 5 260 pages £12.99 available

Try a Little Lowliness

Memoir of a Cistercian novice
Paddy Lyons
This is a book about a young monk's first year, nearly fifty years ago, in the most austere monastic order in Western Christianity. An order where silence was the rule, hard manual work enjoined on top of a strict vegetarian diet. Where work followed prayer followed study for seventeen hours of the day. Where obedience was total and self-flagellation still a weekly feature. Yet his vivid account of that year will make you laugh, hilariously at times, and also weep as he responded to the challenge of making sense of such a life in such a community.

978 085244 694 2 256 pages £9.99 available

Two Essays on Biblical and on Ecclesiastical Miracles

Works of Cardinal Newman Volume VIII
Introduced by Bishop Geoffrey Rowell. Edited by James Tolhurst
978 085244 456 6
512 pages £25.00 hb available
Click on this link for a complete list of the volumes in this series

The Venerable English College

Michael E Williams

The Venerable English College in Rome has played a crucial role in the history of Catholicism in England from the Reformation period to our own time. It is over twenty years since this remarkable history of the English College first appeared and it has long been out of print. Now republished in a revised and updated edition, with many illustrations from the College's collection, it includes a new chapter 'from Post-War to Post-Conciliar Rome'; the notes and appendices have been expanded to take account of recent research and publication.

978 085244 048 3 356 pages +8 colour Illustrated £14.99hb

Vita Communis

The Common Life of the Secular Clergy
Jerome Bertram
Vita Communis - "the common life" - is the term used for community life among priests and other clerics, as opposed to monks and friars. While monasticism is familiar, few are aware that pastoral ('secular') priests have lived in communities for most of the Church's history. Many people have suggested that they could do so again, and that this might help with some of the problems facing solitary priests in the modern world. By exploring what was done in the past, we can suggest what might work in the future, learning from the successes as well as the failures of previous priestly communities.

978 085244 201 2 330 pages £15.99 available

We Believe

Mgr Alfred Gilbey
First published in 1983 and subsequently, to the author's surprise, took a wider readership by storm selling more than 15,000 copies before his death at the age of 97 in 1998. Alfred Gilbey was already a well-known priest, having been from 1932-65 chaplain to the Catholic Undergraduates of Cambridge University. The course of instruction he gave to enquirers in the Catholic Faith had acquired legendary status, and had been responsible for more than forty vocations to the priesthood and religious life. This new edition is an enduring legacy of his life and thought.

978 085244 770 3 264 pages £12.99 available

Why Catholics are Right

Michael Coren
"Coren has written a case for the Catholic faith that is the rarest kind of book - wonderfully readable, intellectually vigorous, and stylish in its force. His chapter on Church and history is worth the price alone; but the whole text is alive with fidelity, intelligence and the irony of our times., expressed with consummate skill. Highly recommended." Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

978 085244 784 0 240 pages £12.99 available

William Lockhart

Nicholas Schofield
When William Lockhart died in London in 1892 The Tablet declared that perhaps no man, except Cardinal Manning, had so strong a hold on varying classes and masses of men. An outstanding figure, he was received into the church by Fr Gentili, and immediately joined the Institute of Charity. He is remembered for founding two important missions in London; Our Lady and St Joseph, Kingsland and St Etheldreda's, Ely Place. Alongside his pastoral labours, he encouraged young writers and publishers and helped run several Catholic journals.

978 085244 753 6 220 pages £12.99 available

William Wardell

Born into lowly circumstances in London's East End in 1823 William Wilkinson Wardell became one of Australia's greatest architects whose crowning works are his two cathedrals, St.Mary's in Sydney and St.Patrick's in Melbourne. He also stamped his character and high standard on many of Melbourne's best-loved public buildings. As a contemporary and devoted admirer of Pugin both were converts to the Catholic Faith and shared a deep religious conviction in the superiority of Gothic Architecture for church building.

978 085244 767 3 312 pages £15.99 available

Words and the Word

The Use of Literature as a Practical Aid to Preaching
William R.T.Anderson
Just as a good sermon will lead its listeners beyond appreciation of a preachers' learning or eloquence to simple apprehension of the 'thing' itself, the res of the celebrated mystery, the presence of the Lord, its consequences for our lives, so this book both opens a door into our litereary inheritance and edges us again and again towards the universal questions: What is literature? What is the relationship of the great literary works of humanity - the 'secular Scriptures' - to the Word and words of Christianity and its Jewish antecedent? How might we enter into this literary world, and integrate our human culture with our Christian faith? How might a lectio humana enrich our lectio divina, and vice versa? How might I finally educate myself?

978 085244 745 1 240 pages £12.99 available

Year Book of Seasons and Celebrations

Joanna Bogle

In the twenty-one years since the publication of her best-selling Book of Feasts and Seasons Joanna Bogle has assembled a wealth of further material to help us restore the traditions of the Church Year to our lives - here are fresh ideas for things to make, eat, do and sing around the whole year. An enriching resource for home, school and parish alike. This book celebrates Christian values, culture and history, giving opportunities for hopitality, friendship and learning.

978 085244 129 9 128 pages available £7.99

Other titles due for publication:

October 2011
Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting (Hart, A) 9780852442159 £40.00 available
Serving Two Masters? Catholic School Governors (Storr, C) 9780852447420 £12.99available
Catholic Social Conscience (Chappel, K & Davis, F (eds)) 9780852447734 £12.99 available
Tour of the Catechism: The Creed (Flader, J) 9780852447765 £12.99 available
Companion to Catholic Education (Franchi, L) 9780852447574 £15.99 available
Fr Alexander Men (Evdokimov, M) 9780852446089 £6.99 available

November/December 2011
Festa Paschalia: A History of the Holy Week Liturgy (Goddard, P) 9780852447642 £15.99 available

Learning to Love (Melina, L) 9780852447789 £6.99 available
William Ullathorne (Champ, J) 9780852446546 £20.00hb available
Civilization of Love (Newton, W) 9780852447611 £12.99 available

January/February 2012
Biblical Search for the Church Christ Founded (Clovis, L) 9780852447710 £9.99 available
'Tell Me About the Holy Spirit' (O'Mahoney, G) 9780852447772 £7.99 available
Visione cristiana dell'ambiente (Haffner, P) 9780852447833 £15.99 available
Dom Augustine Baker 1575-1641 (Scott, G (ed)) 9780852447741 available
Dewi Sant: St.David, Patron of Wales (Midgley, J) 9780852447581 £6.99 available

March/April 2012
Five Wounds: Sanctuary for the Sick (Farmer, A) 9780852447819 £6.99 available
Mystics in the Making (Humphreys, C) 9780852447802 £9.99 available
Freedom of Love (De Santiago, R) 9780852447796 £7.99 available
Why Catholics are Right (Coren, M) 9780852447840 £12.99 available

June/July 2012
A Concise Companion and Commentary for the
Catechism of the Catholic Church (Tolhurst, J) 9780852442531 £9.99 available
Belmont Abbey (Berry, A (ed)) 9780852447307 £25.00hb available

Blessed Nicholas Postgate (Rhea, N) 9780852447857 £12.99 available
Lessons in a Rose-Garden (Nichols, A) 9780852447901 £20.00hbavailable

August/September 2012
Ways of Knowing (Edwards, J) 9780852448007 £4.99
Ways of Praying (Edwards, J) 9780852447987 £4.99

New Evangelization (Fisichella, R) 9780852447963 £9.99
Year of the Lord's Favour Vol.1 (Nichols, A) 9780852447918 £12.99
Year of the Lord's Favour Vol.2 (Nichols, A) 9780852447925 £12.99
Year of the Lord's Favour Vol.3 (Nichols, A) 9780852447932 £12.99
Year of the Lord's Favour Vol.4 (Nichols, A) 9780852447949 £12.99
A Midlife Journey (O'Collins, G) 9780852448038 £15.99
How to get expelled from school (Plimer, I) 9780852448021 £12.99

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