The Works of Blessed John Henry Newman

The Birmingham Oratory Millennium Edition

Series Editor James Tolhurst DD

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John Henry Newman

Introduction and Notes by

James Tolhurst DD

John Henry Newman points out in the Preface to the original edition, that his series of Sermons Preached on Various Occasions was 'the result of external circumstances rather than of any set purpose of his own'. The particular external circumstances were the establishment of the Catholic University of Ireland (which accounted for the first eight sermons), the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in England and Wales (sermons 9 and 10), the Rigorgimento in Italy and its repercussions on the papacy (sermon 15) and the death of two friends, Dr Weedall and James Hope Scott (sermons 13 and 14). Newman added his two-part sermon on St Phillip (sermon 12) to make up the total in the first edition.

The sermons on the situation of the Church in England and Wales, and then of the papacy itself in Italy, reflect the tumultuous times of the mid-nineteenth century: a defining of the role of Catholicism in the development of the modern world.

978 0 85244 408 5 408 pages £25hb

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Newman: His Life and Spirituality

An Intellectual & Spiritual Biography of John Henry Newman
Louis Bouyer

The author studied important unpublished documents by Newman at Birmingham Oratory and addressed the delicate question of Newman's sensitive temperament, the key to entering the world of this great theologian. For Bouyer, one of the principle elements of the spiritual universe of Newman is a genuine mysticism of Christ: "Irreplaceable mirror outside of which God's radiance eludes fallen man and only appears as a shadow."
Bouyer shows that St.Augustine was the great apostle to the early Church, and St.Thomas Aquinas was to the Middle Ages, so is Newman that for modern times. A work of major signifance for anyone who wants to approach the towering figure of John Henry Newman.

978-1-58617-502-3 410 pages £15.99

Newman's Approach to Knowledge

Laurence Richardson

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Prayer in Newman

Giovanni Velocci, CSsR
Translated, with an introduction by Rev Nicholas L Gregoris

Thanks to the skill of Father Nicholas Gregoris, the publication in English translation of Giovanni Velocci's important work Prayer in Newman will bring before a wider audience a significant study. In a few pages are drawn together from Newman's sermons and meditations, both Anglican and Catholic, his reflections on the life of prayer. Moreover, this little work reveals Newman himself to be a masterful teacher of the art of prayer and- most important - to be essentially a man of prayer. In Father Velocci's memorable phrase, "prayer became the preferred occupation of Newman"

As the Cause for Cardinal Newman's canonization continues to advance, this timely translation will serve to highlight the central fact that we find in Newman's inner life that profound longing for union with God in prayer which is surely the hallmark of the saints.

The Very Rev Paul Chavasse

Postulator of the Cause for the Canonization of Cardinal Newman
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John Henry Newman: Snapdragon in the Wall

Joyce Sugg
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John Henry Newman - A Very English Saint

Peter Chisnall
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Ever Yours Affly: John Henry Newman and his Female Circle

Joyce Sugg
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Newman the Oratorian: Oratory Papers 1846-1878

Edited by Placid Murray OSB
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The Newman Compendium for Sundays and Feastdays

Edited by Fr James Tolhurst
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Mary: The Virgin Mary in the Writings of Newman

Edited by Philip Boyce
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Paul Cullen, John Henry Newman, and the Catholic University of Ireland 1845-1865

Colin Barr
978 085244 594 5 304 pages £17.99

From Oxford to the People

Reconsidering Newman & the Oxford Movement
Edited by Paul Vaiss
978 085244 269 2 310 pages £15.99

Edward Caswall

Nancy Marie de Flon
Newman's Brother and Friend
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A Catholic Eton?

Newman's Oratory School
Paul Shrimpton
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Mary - The Second Eve

Extracts from the books of John Henry Newman arranged systematically so as to provide continuous reading of his key-thoughts and key-explanations about the Blessed Virgin.
978 085244 016 2 40 pages £1.99

Comfort in Sorrow

Words in Time of Bereavement from John Henry Newman
Edited by James Tolhurst
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Newman the Priest: A Father of Souls

Gerard Skinner
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Blessed John Henry Newman - A Richly Illustrated Portrait

Sr Dietz FSO and Sr Dechant FSO
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John Henry Newman - His Inner Life

Father Zeno, OFM
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The Heart of Newman

Erich Przywara, SJ
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The Dream of Gerontius

John Henry Newman

Preface by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR
978 1 871217 957 1 80 pages £4.99

Parochial and Plain Sermons

John Henry Newman
978 089870 638 3 1,781 pages £49.99hb

Prayers, Verses and Devotions

John Henry Newman
978 089870 808 0 520 pages £25.00hb

Stations of the Cross

John Henry Newman
978 1 871217 89 6 32 pages colour illuminations £3.50

A Church... A Communion

-in the Preaching and thought of John Henry Newman
James Tolhurst
978 085244 118 3 310 pages £9.99

Take Five

Meditations with John Henry Newman
Newmans's journey to Catholicism is one of the greatest stories of the 19th century church. He relied on divine revelation together with reason and historical facts to reach undisputable truths and vigorously defend religious doctrines. This book's brief, focused meditations will bring a similar clarity to your daily activities through John Henry Newman's deep Christian spirituality.
978 1 59276 800 4 192 pages £6.99


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